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Welcome to the SourceForge Project Page for DiskFree Online File System. DiskFreeOFS is a PHP/MySQL based system that allows users to upload variable amounts of files, favorites, and email addresses to an online server.

Version 1.0.3 is now available.
This version now keeps record of a "last login" time for each user.






The included install file will setup the basics of the system. This will create the users parent directory, apply some pretty liberal permissions to it, and then create the database based on the createdb.sql file. You should change the password in the createdb.sql file for the dfuser which will access the diskfree database as well as update if you feel the need. There are some other variables in here not edited by the install script.

Kudos to Carl for the installer script!


This is a simple shot of what the main page looks like by default.






Downloads are available at the SourceForge page.

Files at SourceForge




If you have any questions or comments about DiskFreeOFS, feel free to email Derek.

dengi at